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Efficient Design - The Car Mobile Holder has a very efficient and smart design. It looks very attractive and is made to consume the least space possible. 

Great Adhesion - One of the best features of the Car Mobile Holder is that it has great adhesion. It uses premium quality suction gel which strongly sticks to the dashboard of the car and does not get off easily. 

Perfect Size - The Car Mobile Holder comes in the dimensions of 100*190*75mm. This makes it very easy to carry and transport. It is not going to use a lot of space in the dashboard and you will have plenty of space to see through. 

Safety - The charging option in the mobile holder is very safe. It will not overheat the mobile phone. So you can just leave your mobile phone while driving and not worry about your mobile getting damaged. You should try your finest CUSTOM & PERSONALIZED MUGS that is made exactly according to your uploaded design. 

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