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Minimalistic Design -  The Universal Car Air Vent Mount for Mobile has a very simple yet effective design. It has a universal size which means it will accommodate any size of mobile. 

Single Touch Operation - Adjusting your mount while driving can be a real issue in terms of safety. Thanks to the Universal Car Mount, which features a single touch operation. Now, you can keep one hand free while driving. 

Effortless Use - The Universal Car Mount is super easy to use! All you have to do is adjust the mount according to your liking. Use the single-touch operation to place your mobile phone and you are good to go!

Premium Quality - The material used in the Universal Car Mount is of very good quality. Being good in quality it lasts very long. And thus, it has a good value for money.  If you are into personalization we have the Original Custom Accessories like Mouse Pads, Custom socks, and many more. So hurry up and buy from us today.

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