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Durable Structure - The 600 Lumens 10W LED Flashlight has a very strong and lasting structure. The structure is water-resistant, shock-proof, and splash-proof. These contribute to the overall durability of the flashlight. 

Specifications - It delivers an approximate current of 1.5A to 1.8A. This produces a very bright beam of light. The 600 lumens 10W LED flashlight runs on 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries. One plus point is that if rechargeable batteries are not available then  3 AAA batteries can also be used. 

Compact Size - The 600-lumen 10W LED Flashlight has a very compact size. It measures 1.6*5.4 inches and weighs only 5.15 ounces. You can carry the flashlight in your pocket or your backpack!!  You should also try our premium electronic accessories that will surely come in use when you need them the most.

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