DOY Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes | 10 Pack

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The DOY Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes contain 75% alcohol and comes individually packaged for more convenient cleaning. The antibacterial properties of the DOY Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes makes it suitable for wiping your hands, face, skin and so on. The DOY Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes are manufactured in China at a ISO9001 certified lab. They also have CE certifications and FDA registrations in the USA for the DOY Brand Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes.

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We have the largest selection of the best quality and lowest priced Personal Care Products in the USA. We strive to have the cheapest prices for Wholesale and Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes orders and existing PPE, Personal Care Products and Mask resellers to increase their profit margins. These single use disposable DOY Brand Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes are an instant soap-free hand cleanser that requires no rinsing off. It dries quickly after use and ensures proper hygiene. The 75% alcohol sanitizer kills 99% of most common germs within seconds. Convenient, portable, and accessible for use at anytime or anyplace. The DOY Brand Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes be used for protection against harmful germs, diseases, and viruses. Each packet contains 1 Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes. Each purchase comes with 10 x DOY Brand Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes packets.

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