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Fashion Mask Sports Activity Filtration Mask

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This trendy Fashion Mask Sports Activity Filtration Mask is designed with a unique breathing system for better personal protection. The outer mesh of the fashion mask shell enhances breath-ability while the inner replaceable filter blocks pollutions, exhaust fumes, smog, pollen, dust, etc.


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Layer 1: Block particles

Layer 2: Carbon Filter Layer which filters benzene, car exhaust, etc.

Layer 3-4: Filters 0.030-0.3 microns of dust and particles

Layer 5: Non-woven layer which makes the mask comfortable and breathable

This reusable and lightweight sports mask is designed with ear loops and security strap behind the head so there is no need to constantly adjust your masks. This sports mask can be used for running, cycling, hiking, skiing, gardening, grass mowing and other outdoor activities. The durable design ensures and comfortable and firm fit while preventing dust and other contaminants from penetrating the mask. Dual one-way breathing valves allow exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide easily to provide smooth breathing, prevent fogging and overheating. The well designed structure makes the mask quick drying if it happens to get wet. The mask is useful for those who need to wear a mask for hours at a time.

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