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Buy the latest Pivoi 5000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger With Built-In Lightning Cable & Suction Cups today at Cheap Wholesale Prices on Safe Goods. Buy from USA's trusted seller at the Cheapest Wholesale Prices on all the 5000mAh Portable Power Banks. Available online now.

Pivoi’s 5000mAh Power Bank being equipped with strong suction cups also comes with an in-built Lightning cable, making it perfect to charge your compatible Apple devices while on the move. The Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank is easy to use and carry, and you do not need to carry a separate cable with you at all times. The sturdy suction cups can stick with a secure grip on most surfaces with ease, which allows you to mount the Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank at your convenience. With its robust build and performance capabilities, you don’t have to worry about the temperature anymore. With its astonishing design and compact dimensions, this Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank offers excellent performance.

The Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank with built-in Lightning Cable & Suction Cups is an excellent Power Bank for charging your mobile phone and other personal devices while you are on the go.



This Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank comes with a built-in Lightning cable that allows you to efficiently charge your Apple devices even if you ever forget to carry the cables. The multiple suction cups equipped on this portable Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank makes sure it sticks to one place, making it an excellent choice for bumpy rides.



The Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank is an extremely lightweight, highly portable, and travel-friendly Power Bank. The Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank has a Grade A Li-polymer battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, guarantees several charging sessions and will perform efficiently at all times. This Pivoi Power Bank can function seamlessly in the temperature ranging from 10°C to 40°C, making it highly travel-friendly suitable for varying climates. The Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank charges your devices with lightning speed in the shortest period. It also has a recharging time of as less as 2.5 hours, which is pretty fast and efficient compared to other alternatives.


The Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank can be used for all smartphones and many other devices. It supports a vast range of devices from various brands for a seamless charging process. With the built in Lightning cable you will always be able to charge your Apple devices and Iphones with an ease of mind.



This compact 5000mAh Power Bank from Pivoi is the best choice for those who travel frequently. If you’re someone constantly on the move in the hustle-bustle of life, this is your perfect companion. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to hold and can be put in one’s pocket or purse. This Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank will charge all your compatible devices within no time, and it merely takes 2.5 hours to get recharged. With a sleek design and compact dimensions, this Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank offers a premium appeal. Equipped with multiple suction cups, this portable Pivoi 5000mAh Power Bank also makes sure that it remains sturdy. It is a great choice for bumpy rides and is highly resistant to occasional shocks.


Being a registered brand in the United States, Pivoi continues to focus on researching, designing, and developing authentic and reliable devices, accessories, and smart technology products.  We thrive on the reliability of our products and the impeccable customer experience, thereby bridging the gap between people and technology.  Our pivotal goal is to provide unmatched customer experience through constant evolution. Pivoi believes that with our determined efforts, we will attain your satisfaction and appreciation.

Technical Specifications




3.81 x 2.51 x 0.51 in

Battery Type


Battery Capacity



DC 5V-2A


DC 5V-2A

Working Temperature

-10℃ - 40℃

Recharging Time

2.5 Hours

Input Ports

1 x Micro USB

Output Ports

1 x Lightning Cable


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