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Gamers Assemble!!! SafeGoods’ Customized rubber base mouse pads (5x6 Inches) take your gaming experience to the next level. You can customize your gaming mouse to your style. Either add one image and one text or simply add both. It covers a good surface area of (5x6 inches) Having a computer is all about customization and having personalized accessories, and we understand that!!! Moreover.  So order from us today.

  • Take your gaming experience to another level by having a wide area of 5x6 inches
  • Customizable as per liking, to take you into your comfort zone 
  • You can add an image or a text, or both right into your rubber gaming mouse pad.
  • Personalize with one image and text as per your liking (one side)
  • You Design, We Deliver!!!
  • Fits right into your pocket
  • Perfect for gaming, home and office use, this mouse pad ensures smooth and comfortable gliding which provides precise control and accuracy over your mouse movements. If you are looking for a multi-purpose mouse which is suitable for gaming, office work or home, this is the perfect choice.
  • A sturdy rubber base material is used for the construction of this mouse pad, which ensures that it firmly stays in place without any unwanted movements and slipping. It becomes the differentiating factor during a very intense gaming session or tasks which require very high precision and accuracy.
  • You can add your own personalized pictures and text on the mouse pad, thanks to its customizable feature, which adds as a personal touch. You can add personal pictures, quotes and even add logos to give it a more professional touch.
  • Worrying about cleaning the mouse pad? We have got you covered! It is made with materials which are easy to wipe down and maintain which makes this product a practical choice and adds to its functionality and gels up with your workspace.


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