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A color-changing mug, also known as a heat-sensitive or magic mug, is a type of coffee or tea mug that changes its appearance when exposed to heat. These mugs are typically coated with a heat-sensitive material that is initially dark or black at room temperature but reveals a hidden design or color when hot liquid is poured into the mug. As the mug heats up, the coating becomes transparent, allowing the underlying design or color to show through.
Here's how color changing heat sensitive mug work:
Cold State: When the mug is cold or at room temperature, it often appears plain or displays a basic design. The design is usually not visible in this state, or it may be a very subtle outline.
Hot State: When you pour a hot beverage, such as coffee or tea, into the mug, the heat-sensitive coating reacts to the temperature change. As the mug warms up, the design or image on the mug becomes more apparent and colorful.
In the case of an 11oz color-changing mug, the "11oz" refers to its capacity, which means it can hold approximately 11 ounces of liquid when filled to the brim. This is a standard size for coffee mugs.
Color-changing mugs are a fun novelty item and are often customized with various designs, photos, or logos. They make for an entertaining way to enjoy your favorite hot beverages as the design gradually appears or changes when you pour in hot coffee, tea, or any other hot liquid.
Color-changing mugs are a popular gift option. They are typically made from ceramic or porcelain, and they should be handled with care, as the color-changing coating can be sensitive to scratching or abrasion.
Keep in mind that color-changing mugs should be hand-washed to preserve their heat-sensitive properties, as dishwasher use can potentially damage the heat-sensitive coating over time.
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